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A Teacher is in hot water after a 14-year-old pupil recorded him asking for $XX

The teacher who was asking for $xx from a leaner who is only 14-years of age is in hot water. According to Captain Hlatshwayo, teachers are not allowed to be in a relationship with learners, in fact, it is a serious offense. It is no secret that there are teachers who are young and teaching learners who are exactly their age, but the policy still stands rigidly that the relationship between a teacher and learner should only be a "Learning and educating" type of relationship.

According to Blessings Ramaba, A teacher has just lost his job after a 14-year pupil recorded him when he was asking her for some $XX "Teacher fired after a 14-year-old pupil recorded him asking for $Xx.People have shared their thoughts on social media. Parents are now worried about their daughter's safety in schools " Our daughters are in danger everywhere, there's no more safe environment for them" said Mandla. Some people were praising this pupil for her decision "Good...Let this be a lesson to many. I'm a teacher myself" said Ndim.

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Blessings Ramaba Hlatshwayo


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