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Underpaid, under rated, South African Teachers need to be celebrated

During first wave of covid 19 all government resources were closed. The economy was closed, then there was a time where the lockdown was eased, we saw many government officials go back to work on rotation but schools remained closed.

During the closure of schools it meant that teachers and pupils had to remain home while teachers were getting their normal salaries. There were rumours of salary cuts since they would be paid while staying at home but none of that happened. We saw nurses complain about the fact that teachers remained home while everyone was going to work. What is funny about all the notions against teachers is that, the very same nurses are products of teachers.

Without teachers there would not be any professionals around the world. The first person to groom children to be what they want to be in life are teachers. The over paid politicians are products of teachers, nurses, doctors, everyone who is anyone they all come from the hard work of our teachers.

Today we celebrate the underpaid, the people who are overworked. We all know in many government schools one teacher is responsible for multiple grades, teachers play a huge role in our lives, they are social workers, parents and care givers. Happy world teachers day to all South African teachers, you may be underpaid but we appreciate the work you do for the nation.

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