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Was Your R350 Grant Declined? Check This Update From SASSA

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As much as there are many people who have finally received their R350 Covid-19 relief grant, there are people who are still declined by the system.

There are many reasons why some applications are declined by the system which mainly include wrong information about the applicant.

This means that one would need to pay more attention to detail when applying for the R350 grant to avoid making mistakes when sending out the application.

Other people are also declined because they are understood to be having a monthly income and SASSA mentioned that people should not be having any income in order to receive this grant.

SASSA has provided an update to those people who were declined and sent out appeals, check below;

This means that when an applicant has attached banking information, SASSA will first need to check and verify with the bank before sending out money.

SASSA has mentioned in their qualification criteria that only people without any income will get R350.

There are also other people who have been struggling with the whole application of this grant.

Check the following in order to successfully apply for the Covid-19 grant:

1. Ensure that you insert correct information when you are applying for the grant.

2. Before applying, check the qualification criteria in order to ensure that you qualify for the R350 grant.

3. Ensure that you use the right link in order to successfully apply for the grant.

Related news:

President Cyril Ramaphosa said in his previous address to the nation that the R350 grant will be here until next year.

This means that more people will be having something to buy bread in the upcoming months.

Many people have called for the permanent introduction of grants to unemployed people in South Africa.

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