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The Whites only town in South Africa record 100% pass rate on Matric results

Up your belly South Africa, the Orania Town famous for its policy of white Afrikaner only now officially boasts a 100% pass rate for the whole town – after their only high school recorded a flawless set of matric results. The three top achievers for the 2021 matric class are Pieter van Zyl, Mariska de Wet and Divan Erasmus.

The CVO Skool which have 17 matriculants record only A's and B's among its students. These matric results were assessed and marked by the IEB, who is in charge of processing examinations held at private and independent schools.

The students will be going to the Universities of their choice but unfortunately, they will have to integrate with the rest of the society as there are no "Whites only Universities".

Orania is adding on its impeccable record after the CEO announced that last year the town record:

0% crime rate

0% unemployment

100% service delivery and now

100% pass rate


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