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Check Out the Learning Condition of Most Students in Schools across Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Leadership is a very critical position that requires the effort and selfless service of people to achieve.

Africans have had they fair share of bad governance over the years even though some current leadership across the continent are doing their best to lift they respective countries out of severe poverty.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is one of those leaders who may have done well in some certain areas of leadership in zimbabwe but alot still needs to be done in order to meet International standard.

Just recently, a picture started circulating online which show the dilapidated condition of most schools in Rusape.

The pictures show students studying under a ripped roof while others don't even have a sit for students to sit on.

The pictures has raised so much controversy across the internet as many keep wondering how students learn and understand under such harsh circumstance.

This calls for government urgent attention. Students cannot be allowed to study in an unconducive environment.

This are some of the pictures gathered below:

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