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Angry Primary School Learner Did The Unexpected And Left People In Sh0ck || See What He Did Here

Date : 02 October 2021

It is true that teachers go through a lot in school. Many teachers have revealed that working with different children from different environment is not easy as it looks. You should remember that children are raised differently and the way they behave says a lot about their parents or family. A school environment is supposed to be a happy place for both teachers and learners. But nowadays so many cases of inappropriate behavior by school learners get to be reported.

It raises questions and worries on how parents are raising their children.So many teachers have revealed how it's difficult and exhausting it is to work with different learners in school. It gets hard for teachers to punish learners if ever they did something wrong. School environment is not supposed to be a war zone but a safe place for both learners and teachers.

We have heard of incidents where teachers get to beaten or assaulted by school learners. Some children have anger issues and other's tend to bring their attitude from home to school. You should remember that parents play an important role on how their children behave towards other people. The way you raise and live with your child says a lot about you as a parent.

Today let's talk about this heartbreaking video that has been trending on social media platforms. A video has been trending on social media where a learner was assaulting the teacher. On the video the learner whose details were not revealed was seen taking a dust bin and throwing the waste to the teacher.

He then kicked the fire extinguisher that was in class. You can see the anger on his face. So far the reason for his anger has not been revealed but this video has broken the hearts of many people. This reveals that parents or guardians need to do a lot of work in helping their children on how to solve problems. What do you think about this matter?

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