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Just in: Universities are suspending their face to face/contact classes due to Covid-19 again

One can confirm that indeed Covid-19 has held world with necks. I'm saying this because governments of the world doesn't have power over Covid-19 instead Covid-19 is the one in charge determining or rather pushing governments to act.

When Covid-19 arrived in the world many governments caught unprepared and they were forced to to act fast before Covid-19 pandemic killed many.

Lockdown was one of the best measures or rather most initiated measures to control Covid-19. South Africa as one of world government it did the same by implementing lockdown.

After some months of lockdown President Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa implemented what so called alert levels which regulates how economy must be open.

Everything end up opening with schools and universities opened for face to face learning but now with third wave looming around universities are starting to withdraw their face to face classes. Tswane University of Technology (TUT) reported that it is closing their face to face contact learning.

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