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Which books are safe for your kids in middle childhood developmental phase

So your bundle of joy has outgrown Peppa Pig. What now? What is safe to entertain and meet the developmental needs of your kid once they have moved from early childhood into middle childhood development phase?

Like selecting what to watch from a Netflix library, choosing a book can be daunting. Even more so when it is for your child. We all know children are very impressionable and whilst Netflix come with an SNLV rating on every production, books don't follow suit. Bigger bookstores will give an indication of which books are appropriate for which age groups but there is no easy way of telling how accurate the information is. That's because authors and publishers will decide what age group they are curating the book for but it could still have some inappropriate elements.

There are a few websites that can help you determine if the book is age appropriate for your child such as common sense which rates content based on criteria such as: educational value, positive values, positive role models, violence and scariness, and language. If you have gotten a shock yourself as an adult, maybe check out your next book rating at sites such as My Book Cave.

In truth the resources are much fewer, but you can also rest assured knowing that in general, kids books are now much safer and morally responsible than they were fifty years ago. And, you're safer if you steer clear of classic fairy tales and pick up modern books that embrace diversity, promote equality and inclusiveness. Books like The Girl who speaks Bear are a great treat with fantastical elements associated with fairy tales and none of the perverseness and misogyny.

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