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They deserve quality equipments that will last for decades

The purpose of schools is to provide quality education in order to produce graduates that are competent and caring. The strategic plan would determine to a great extent which resources were required.

It goes without saying that any equipment or supplies that are purchased by any institution should not cause harm to anyone. Often academic staff think that this is the job of the register and his administrative staff, but there is a two-fold responsibility.

One is to make sure that equipment and suppliers they ordered or request are safe for normal use in the school and another, to care for equipment and to report it if it become unsafe or is not in perfect working order. Something as simple as ignoring the fact that a chair has a loose leg can result in an accident that could cause serious harm to the person using it.

Students often have to sit in a lecture room for up to seven hours a day and yet schools often order the cheapest, and therefore most uncomfortable, chairs and desk for them to use. The same mistake is often made when ordering the Information Technology(IT) equipment, where keyboards, monitors and computer consoles that are not ergonomically designed are chosen because they are the cheapest.

It's a good idea to try the equipment out for a while first - most firms will agree to the samples of equipment being loaned out on approval if a large order is contemplated.

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