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2022 school calendar debate - Fulltime or rotational ?

Debates continue regarding school in 2022, it is going to be full time or rotational again ?

The corona virus pandemic absolutely took the education department by storm. As means of adjusting, many changes had to be made to the school calendar. With essentially the needs of learners around South Africa being top priority. Also, their safety during these challenging times. But, since the South African government has applied many measures in order to control this epidemic, most probably, people are expecting the school calender to go back to "normal" and the rotational roasters that schools had to adopt be discarded.

This is still a debate amongst various officials in the department. While some school experts believe that the school calendar should go back to its normal state, the fact that corona virus is still here should not be overlooked.

The minister of Basic education is said to announce the final decision as soon as it is made.

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