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Award Scholarships To Every Applicant In Swaziland | OPINION

It was revealed through the Eswatini Government's Official Facebook page that 500 scholarship applications were rejected. This comes at a time when the people have been calling for better service delivery, as well as the prioritization of education and job creation. This also comes in the backdrop of graduates marching the streets in their graduation gowns, calling for the government's intervention. This publication would like to urge His Majesty's government to give the remaining applicants a chance.

All or Nothing

We saw high schoolers holding up signs with messages like; "school fees are too high" and we marvelled at pictures of a locked school gate with a sign that read "no school till we get democracy". This should tell you that a full-on scholastic revolution is upon us. Minister of Education Lady Mabuza announced that all grades would be free to return to school on Monday 11 October. She said this as reports of protesting schools were at an all-time high. With that information in mind, allow us to remind you of something.

Jericho Primary School learners protested in uniform because they'd attended classes that day. Ngozi High School learners protested in uniform because they too were in attendance. All the protesting students did so after boycotting classes. Students of all levels in the country are unhappy, and it's affecting their schoolwork. Rejecting some of those students when they desperately need help from the government is not a good play.

All in

Thulani Mkhaliphi should have been ashamed to sit on that chair and disappoint 500 families without showing an iota of guilt. His kids probably go to private schools and he has no problem paying for that, but he couldn't seem the least bit concerned about the future of those 500 applicants. Out of 4100 applicants, only 3600 got the scholarship, and we can't imagine what the parents of those kids must be going through; especially with the chaos in the kingdom and the dire economic situation.

It's in all earnest that we make this recommendation. We've seen primary school students picketing for the release of pro-democracy MPS from prison. This is not a time to aggrieve the more conscious students fresh from high school, especially while they observe political pandemonium unfolding all over the place. It must've been the ceremony surrounding his address. People like Thulani Mkhaliphi usually seem self-indulgent. As he speaks, it's almost as if there's a pompous half-smirk on his face, see for yourself.

Do you think those 500 rejected school leavers should be given scholarships? Why do you think Mkhaliphi was smiling while making his remarks? Would you ever consider pursuing your studies in the Kingdom of Swaziland? Write an award-winning comment below, share with a school leaver, and FOLLOW FOR MORE NEWS ON SWAZILAND'S EDUCATION SYSTEM!

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