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Incase you missed it, school is out for the next week. See the updated school calendar below. Read

The coronavirus pandemic continues to creare uncertainty in the country, the economy and education. Whenever cases rise above 15000 the president puts the country in a higher alert level in an effort to restrict movement and therefore slow down the rate of infections.

This year the education sector experienced two interruptions that took away only a couple of weeks from the academic year. At the beginning of the academic year the reopening date was moved forward by a week for teachers and 3 weeks for learners.

After the reopening everything seemed to go well until towards the end of term two. Term two came to an abrupt end when the president put the country under alert level four.

The reopening of term three was moved forward by a week when the alert level four was extended. But after term three started it was smooth sailing especially since educators where now vaccinated.

The minister of Basic education Angie Motshekga attempted to cancel term three holidays due to time lost. After pressure from parents and unions the minister backed down and left the current school calendar unchanged.

Term three came to a natural end on the 1st of October according to the new school calendar. Teachers and learners are now on recess until the 10th of October.

Schools will reopen for term four on the 11th of October. Grade 12 learners will have only two weeks before the start of the October /November final examination for the year 2021.

The final examination for grade 12 were meant to start on the 1st of November. The start date was brought forward after the 1st of November was announced as the municipal election date.

South Africa is currently vaccinating people who are above the age of 18. This include school children who have reached 18. The vaccination of learners will help do away with rotational systems that are deepening the amount of learning losses even further.

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