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Video: White Student Pees On A Black Student At The Stellenbosch University

South African have suffered at the hands of the whites back in the years, they were tormented and treated like animals, they had no voice since the Apartheid government never gave them any rights, they would be abused in many different ways and they would have nowhere to run to, they just had to be submisive and the system gave them no word, it never allowed any of them to speak, but these days, we all have equal rights and no one is allowed to anything that belittles the other one, whether you are white or black, male or female, we are free nation and have our rights which ought to he respected by every human being.

South Africans have been up in arms after a disturbing video emerged on social media a couple of hours ago, what was happening on the video is heart breaking, especially when it is done during this day and year, 28 years post apartheid, the whole country is not happy and they demand that there must be sie serious actions taken against the perpetraitor.

On the video, a white male student is seen doing the unthinkable, he was seen with his zippers off enjoying as he urinates and question ing the poor guy what he was doing where he was, to which the black guy replied thst he was waiting for someone and did not fight back or retaliate to what the white guy was doing.

According to a Tweet by one person who wants to put an end to these things, whites always do such things to black boys and nobody has spoken about it, they just kept quite and swept it under the carpert, something he is not prepared to do.

"A white student urinates all over a black first year students room, claims this what 'they' do to black boys. I cannot keep quiet about this, justice need to be served. I urge you to play your part so this cannot be covered up," the Tweet reads.

Lessons were distrubed on Monday after the Video went viral, angry students were outside Huis Marais at Stellenbosch University, protesting following another incident in which a white student allegedly broke into a black student's room at the residence and urinated on his property. "Disgusting," some say.


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