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EFF promised to shut down Stellenbosch University if they do not do the following.

EFF has threatened to close Stellenbosch University should they not act in response to the white student who was spreading a video peeing on black students' property. There have been a number of cases with white students abusing black students over the previous few years, but the institution chose to ignore them.

Apartheid-era Stellenbosch University has long been renowned as a haven for black students who face racial discrimination from white students when the university does nothing to address it. In the event that Stellenbosch University does not expel the perpetrator, the Economic Freedom Fighters have stated that they will have to close the university down.

When a white roommate's white buddy urinated on the study materials and laptop of Mdantsane-born Babalo Ndwayana at Stellenbosch University, his family demanded that the white student be dismissed and barred from enrolling in any South African institution.

The following are some of the responses from worried South Africans.

You can bet we'll battle if Stellenbosch University does not expel this student, a fact that is well-known among white South Africans. In the beginning, they claimed that the Ndwayana had forgiven Du Toit, and now they're pushing the story of the inebriated student. People in our country will treat us like slaves if we do not rise up and fight for what is rightfully ours.

This university must be shut down since we've heard stories of prejudice at the same university, but they don't adequately resolve the issue. This would be particularly offensive if the perpetrator was a person of color. When the funeral was over, I was certain that the boy had already died. That will not be taken to court by our white people.. His death was almost certain, but our people, who adhere to Roman law, dragged the matter before the Roman court instead.

Does shutting down Stellenbosch University if a white student is not expelled make sense? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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