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Graduation celebration did not end well as it was arranged see Why

Performer July Mabunda broadly known as Boti Majulie. 

Majulie, conceived Hlupheka July Mabunda, in Giyani in 1957, is renowned for the ridiculing expression Yena Aya Kwini, Tsonga for "where the hellfire would he say he was/she going?". 

Graduation celebration didn't end well as July Mabunda was arranged, at present he is a fool at web-based media about his conduct when he is tanked, individuals via web-based media causing fun with his Photographs and they to concur that he should celebrate yet presently the way he did,that was excessively. 

Some of individuals say he is the certified specialist and he has the right to get plastered in light of the fact that he was happy,the Fanny thing about him is that he undressed his garments in the wake of becoming inebriated, once in a while you may have a ball yet not drinking an excessive amount of liquor since you may end getting out of hand. 

So presently our certified Dr goes to giggling stock,and his photographs are via online media everyone making messes with them. 

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Boti Majulie. Giyani Hlupheka July Mabunda Mabunda


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