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School Kids Call on the EFF's Help After a Teacher Calls Them by the K Word and Baboons

Ever since the of the aparitaid era, it has been perceived that all racial tensions that ruled in the country would be done with, and we would all live in a beautiful, and peaceful country with no racial profiling and tensions in sight.

Sadly that is not the case as more and more racial discrimination driven cases come out into the spotlight every now and then. The justice system and the human rights organizations are coming down hard on those people that use racial slurs on people of different ethnicity groups. This is in a move to make people think before they speak or even act out of anger and say something that they are going to regret.

Even though law clamps down hard on these people, it seems like it is not doing much to help with the racial profiling that is going on in the country. It is only the second week of schools reopening and the tensions are already running high in the province of Limpopo as a teacher there called some of the black learner by the K word.

These learners did not take this very lightly as they are requesting the help of the Economic Freedom Fighters party to help them out. The students are said to be from the Afrikaner Hoerskool named Nylstroom, and the learners went on to social media to help get the attention of the EFF leaders to help out with the situation there.

This is on the first time a hoerskool in Limpopo has been in the spotlight with regards to racial tensions, this seems to be a serious problem in that province and it really has to be dealt with by the department of education before the situation really escalates to abe point where in will be hard for them to get it under control.

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