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Here is a list of South African universities which are enforcing mandatory vaccines.

When the Covid-19 vaccines were first dispersed in South Africa, President Ramaphosa ensured everyone that no one will be forced to take the vaccines since it's against their bill or rights. However it seems like Ramaphosa said that just to calm the citizens because now huge companies like Discovery have been joined by top South African universities on enforcing mandatory vaccines.

The issue of Mandatory vaccines has been making headlines in recent days after scientists have detected a new killer Covid-19 variant (omicron). So there are a couple of universities who are planning on enforcing vaccines on staff members and all students at the start of the 2022 academic year.

Here is a list of universities who are enforcing mandatory vaccines:

1. University of Free state (UFS)

2. Wits University

3. University of cape Town

4. University of Johannesburg (Rumoured)

The above universities are reported to have made clear requirements for those entering their campuses to be vaccinated or have vaccine certificates. This was also confirmed by the head of operations at universities South Africa Dr Linda Meyer during an interview with SABCNews. 

Dr Meyer stated that they didn't take the decision to enforce the vaccines on their own, the universities firstly consulted different stakeholders who understood that all universities must provide vaccination opportunities to students. 

She also maintained that the vaccines are fully safe and that universities are working on making sure that students understand the benefits of taking the vaccines. She also told the anti-vaxxers that she's 100% sure that vaccines are safe and that once you take the vaccines, you won't get sick. 


I think that what Dr Meyer is saying might be a good idea for those who already have taken the vaccine but it's a major blow to the anti-vaxxers because they just reduced their chances of higher education since they won't be accepted at those universities. 

What's your view about this matter? Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section. 


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