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A School in KZN With 63 Teachers and 3 Learners, Mzansi is confused After seeing This

Mzansi is in a state of bewilderment after seeing the headline, "A School in KZN With 63 Teachers and 3 Learners." 

Kzn has been through a lot in the previous several weeks, and as of yet, they have not recovered from anything that they have been through. 

The floods that have occurred over the past few weeks have taken everything that they had, and some of them are still staying in churches because they haven't been able to build houses for themselves. As a result, they are waiting for the government to build those houses so that they can stay in their house. 

On Twitter, a user named "guy" submitted an image with the caption "this school has 63 teachers and just 3 learners." People were quite startled and asked how they could possibly have so many teachers; some of the teachers replied that they were from KZN and that they were staying in schools. 

People are very astonished by what is taking place there, and they have stopped asking questions about it. Some users reacted, saying that these guys are not from South Africa and that what they are proposing is not conceivable in South Africa while the ANC is still in power. 

The following are some of the responses:


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