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Primary Education


Primary school teacher causes a stir after posted his first day of school picture. See comments.

Being a teacher is one of the most fulfilling jobs one can ever have. More and more young people are going into teaching as it's one of the careers that of importance in the society. With school reopening and others already opened many of the teachers are back at work.

A primary school teacher recently caused a stir after posting a picture of himself on his first day back at school. After sharing this picture he had a lot of people on the comments talking. See his post down below.

Many people couldn't stop but talk about how good looking he was and how well dressed he was. It was mostly the ladies with the compliments in the comments. See some of the comments down below.

While it still shows that he is still young, this teacher has kept his look casual yet professional.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment down below.


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