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SAPS & pupils are fighting one another at Heathfield High School. Here is why? Video went viral.

Heathfield High School students, police, and metro police had a heated standoff when the school requested help with rowdy students.

Learners stoned police cars and fought.


The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) fired former principal Wesley Neumann after a disciplinary tribunal concluded he failed to keep the school open during the coronavirus outbreak.

Police checked students and found firearms and drugs. Two males who posed as students were apprehended.

On Monday, a circular alerted parents that police enforcement would be at the school daily starting Tuesday.


Some students still disrupted and skipped lessons, so the school "urgently requested law enforcement."

Police would man school gates and charge students with illegal drugs and weapons.

We are concerned about the aggressive hostility demonstrated by students during conflicts and the illegal substances detected in some students' hands, according to a school circular.


Law enforcement authorities took dagga, narcotics, knives, and cellphones from students on Tuesday.

Two non-students wearing Heathfield High's uniform tried to enter the school. Two trespassers were caught. One man was arrested for narcotics possession, he added.

Some students caused a commotion that led to violence against police. The SAPS helped stabilize the situation.


Up to 15 police vehicles, including a tactical response squad, were on the scene.

School management told teachers to notify parents via WhatsApp of the unrest and to retrieve students.

An officer announced the dismissal of students before 12 p.m. Officials intervened after several student fights.


A parent complained anonymously that the school was unsafe.

"My child isn't safe here; she has to leave." I'm afraid to send my child here. I'm crying because it's so bad; he begged me to remove him from school. small gangsters

He taught himself to pass the June exam because he wasn't learning. They're arguing over nonsense. This morning, a parent hit a boy.

Jason Cozett lost his daughter. A family member told Cozett about the turmoil.

"She's leaving school." I can't risk it. "

Former principal Wesley Neumann left, said Cozett. "It erupted following the major incident."

WCED asked officers' help, said police spokesman Wayne Dyason.

Some students outside the school were violent, Dyason claimed.

Thirty officers were at the school to prevent narcotics or weapons from being carried in.

Dyason said students stoned two city vehicles.

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