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Opinion:Racism still exists: A teacher bullies a school pupil because of her afro hair.

We know South Africa as a rainbow nation but the things that are happening will make a person doubt that.

We take our children to school so that they can get a better education and become something in the community.

Teachers are like the parents to our children because they spend their day with them, but some teachers are being bullies.

A lady who goes by Tamznn Dayce went to her facebook to complain about her 13 year old sister received a letter from school regarding the afro hair andit is alleged that the teacher would embarrass her in front of the whole class.

By looking at her hair on the picture the hair is well maintained and neat, we are African meaning we have Afro hair by nature.

If kids don’t want to plait the hair or tire it I think they should be allowed as long as the hair is neat, this is traumatizing to the pupil she might even lose interest in going to school.

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