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Being a black student in stellenbosch University. He urinates on others rooms and Said this when ask

Being a black student in stellenbosch University is honestly exhausting

White student was caught and filmed urinating on a black students desk and their stationery. When questioned he said "that's what we do to Black boys here

He was made to apologise at his res, no other action has been taken so far. The university hasn’t even sent out a formal email about the incident.

Most White kids are trained on hating Black ppl. What can a 2000 white kid no about hating black ppl. It's bcs they are taught at home

. What did the guy do to deserve his things getting urinated on. What did he do for someone to break into and enter his private space? How does one provoke such behaviour???

Western Cape is all about that life, Afrikaner girl with her friend "coloured" were behind me as we lined up outside the examination room waiting to get inside purposely said it out loud "Ons haat

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Black White stellenbosch University


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