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UKZN policy contributing to unemployment and poverty : OPINION

Many graduates have been victims of some policies in various tertiary institutions in South Africa. With UKZN graduates the cry is ongoing and has not been attended to as many graduates cannot get their certificates or results after graduation hence they cannot apply without their qualifications.

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The policy requires graduates to settle the money they owe the institution before receiving their qualifications. But doesn't this policy discriminate or exclude students and graduates who come from disadvantaged communities and poor families? If graduates do not have their qualification certificates they cannot be considered for any post that requires a qualification. The logic should be "obtain your certificate, get a job and pay the debt" NOT "pay your debt, get your certificate and go get a job".

Many graduates are at home unemployed simply because they owe the institution and cannot afford to pay the debt. Well it is also traumatic for those graduates who have been fortunate enough to be get jobs with the hope that they will secure their qualifications. Imagine the pain and devastation faced by graduates who are on the verge of losing their internships or jobs because there's no prove (results) that they indeed have obtained educational qualifications from University of KwaZulu Natal. This is a very stressful feeling that no graduate should experience!

This discriminative and oppressive policy needs to be revisited because it cannot be the case that after so many years into democracy there are policies such as this one tertiary institutions particularly in a tertiary institution that "inspires greatness". It is there the responsibility of the South African government through the Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology, the University of KwaZulu-Natal management and the policy monitoring and evaluation unit and other relevant stakeholders to review this policy and find innovative ways of holding owing graduates responsible for their debt and further arranging for payment for fees they owe the institution.

Qualification certificates and results must not be held by tertiary institutions as leverage to make students pay outstanding fees.

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