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Homeless man on a mission to complete his master's degree

Homeless man on a mission to complete his master's degree

Gibson Nzimande is a homeless man who survives by recycling and finds himself sleeping in bushes. He is a graduate of Unisa where he holds an Honours degree in gender studies and a master's degree from the Johannesburg university which is on hold.

He lost his home when his mother died and he could no longer afford his studies financially.

"I want a good job and then I want to finish my masters, I've had that dream of becoming a lecturer." Nzimande said.

He says he's always looking for jobs on the internet and normally make money only enough for food.

"I used to see people living in the street, I used to judge them thinking they are in the street because of drugs, it's tough living in the street," he said.

He has a diary where he writes his dreams hopes, and prayers to keep him focused on his goal.

With the little he makes he visits the internet cafe regularly to search for jobs and to do some reading on how to finish his degree but without funds, his dream may never be realized.


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