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Unemployed teachers told to explore farming

Unemployed teachers have been told by the Government to explore farming as political temperatures rise in this tiny Kingdom of eSwatini manifesting into an education crisis among others.

Dr Amos Mahlelela,the newly appointed Chairman of the Teaching Service Commission(TSC) when speaking during a stakeholder meeting on Monday at the Ministry of Education said eSwatini was now producing many teachers adding that those who are unemployed must establish associations and do farming.

Reached for comments, the TSC Chairman clarified that he was merely sharing an advise that teachers should consider other means of survival while looking for employment.

“As you might be aware, we have Government and private Colleges in the country, all are producing teachers and to make matters worse, the private Colleges are driven by profits to produce large numbers. So I was suggesting that because we have many unemployed teachers, what if they can start agricultural projects to earn a living while they look for employment? This doesn’t mean they won’t be employed when posts become available, they will get employment, this is just to assist them with money while they look for employment” ,said the TSC Chairman.

Mahlalela maintained that due to large number of teachers produced by both the Government and private Colleges, the teaching profession was becoming saturated.

But Mbongwa Dlamini, the President of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers(SNAT) who was part of the meeting said as teachers they didn\'t understand how the Chairman came to such a conclusion that the education system was now saturated.

“We are surprised how he can came to such a conclusion that the education system is now saturated when people are producing children everyday. Mahlalela has been training teachers at the Ngwane Teachers College and now he is saying to those teachers, they must do farming, does that mean he was training farmers?” said the SNAT President.


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