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“Some of us are still at home yet with such results” - Foreign student cries for help


It's sad to see the number of students who have done well at school, just to be stuck at home. A lady by name of Linda Tongwa from Nelspruit, Mpumalanga is yet another statistic who is struggling to attend University.


Most of the class of 2021 received their marks yesterday, some with the hope for a better future. Linda shared her marks on social media to “show” people that despite how well you do at school, it still doesn't get you anywhere. Linda - who got 7 distinctions in her matric year has been struggling to enroll herself into university. The reason behind that is, her mother is Zambian and her father is South African. According to Linda, the Department of Home Affairs is demanding Linda to pay R15 000. What this amount is for is still unknown.

One user on Twitter had this advise for her; “Maybe you could go back to Zambia and fix your identity issues that side and than apply for a student visa, just so you can go to varsity, a friend of mine did that now he is a citizen.” This sounds like solid advise considering the number of steps her parents didn't take to legally register her. This is just one case in a thousand cases where students do well only for them to be stuck at home. More needs to be done by the department of education in such matters.


Linda shouldn't look at this as a setback. Rather than utilizing what she has at her disposal - which are her results, she can easily apply for bursaries in other countries. The only issue will be if she wants to stay in South Africa, then she would need to apply for citizenship or go back to Zambia to do her ID and come back. She doesn't deserve to sit at home, nor does anyone else. The lack of jobs in South Africa is a crisis on it's own.

What should Linda do?

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Linda Tongwa Mpumalanga Nelspruit


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