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Be Honest. What Would You Have Done If You Were In Her Shoes

We are now approaching the second day where Natasha is still trending for revealing that she she received a R1 Million plus funding from former Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa, Baleka Mbete. In the interview that she did with MacG, she said she called Mbete and told her that she wanted to go study, and she got the funding just like that.

Twitter users are fuming, and it doesn't seem like it will stop any time soon. Some want Mbete to explain where that money came from. Some are wondering why she she had to directly approach Baleka Mbete, and why she didn't apply like all the other students who go through application processes.

Would you go through the application process if you had connections? Are people angered because they have never been privileged enough, or they are mad because they know they would still go through proper channels even if they had the privilege?

They could be mad because this is obviously the tax payer's money that was used without following proper channels, which means it is corruption.

Now be honest, were you going to follow proper channels if you knew you could just pick up the phone and call people who would make things happen? She is Desmond Tutu' s grand daughter after all.


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