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The Power OF Gratitude

Sit in gratitude, sit in thanksgiving, and watch the Universe awarding you for it. IT takes few minutes in the morning being grateful for breathing, when you start to inhale, and exhale be grateful for that. The morning is never guaranteed, when you are asleep, you are halfway dead and waking up from that mini death is an achievement ought to be celebrated, and soaked in. Be grateful for your limbs, simple pleasures like having a bathtub, shower and it goes all the way to being grateful for necessities: water, food and shelter. Take a moment to appreciate your job, your education, your family, friends. Appreciate the little privileges like grasp of a new language. Appreciate having woken up in a country that’s democratic, at least you have rights. It’s the little things that we appreciate that opens up the universe to entrust you with bigger things. Practicing gratitude everyday is the way of life.

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