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OPINION: If Alfred Magongwa becomes a principal he will definitely turn Turf high school upside down

Will he ever become a principal


Sources: Skeem Saam Twitter page

Alfred Magongwa is a vice principal at the Turfloop High school, he has recently came with an idea that teachers should wear casual on fridays and principal Thobakgale does not agree with him because the school will be like a fashion competition and the children will not focus in class.

Alfred Magongwa states that it is good for a change in their school to try something new and surprisingly the majority of the teachers supports his idea. If he ever becomes a principal at Turg high there are many things that he is going to do and some will definitely get him into trouble because he does not think before he acts.

Principal Thobakgale will be very happy when Alfred's plan backfires. In my opinion i think principal is right about not allowing casual clothes to teachers because some of the teachers may not have beautiful clothes like other teachers.

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