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If you are complaining about the Education.

If you're complaining about the Education system stop sending your kids to school.If you complaining about the incomplete useless history they teach you at school then stop sending your kids to school.If you're worrying because School only focus on teaching how to remember information then stop sending your kids at School.Dont complain & still go attend classes.Go start your own Education System.Go build your own school.You can't expect the people who came up with current education system to change their system just to accommodate you.This system benefits them.why would they wanna change it? There was a guy who used to bully us after school,he'd wait for us at the corner.The other day I decided to never use that corner & I was never bullied again.I didn't beg that boy to stop bullying me cause he find pleasure in bullying other kids.What gives me pain gives him joy so why would he stop.I change my way & never came across him again.This is what you need as Blacks.Stop expecting them to change the Education System for you.Create your own System

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Education System.Go


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