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"Expulsion is not enough" says the father of the victim at Stellenbosch University

The family a Stellenbosch University understudy from the Eastern Cape is pushing for the ejection of the understudy who peed right in front of him, PC and study material.

The person in question, Babalo Ndwayana, says maybe the student was intoxicated at the hour of the episode.

Ndwayana's dad, Mkuseli Kaduka, says he needs the suspended culprit, Theuns du Toit, to be removed.

The insulted father of a Stellenbosch University understudy, who was the survivor of a supposed bigoted episode at the college, says he is happy his child recorded the whole trial to feature the "settled in bigotry actually tormenting the college".

Mkuseli Kaduka, 49, the dad of Babalo Ndwayana, 20, is pushing for the removal of Theuns du Toit who was distinguished as the understudy who peed on his child's work area, PC and study material.

"This occurrence plainly features well established bigotry at that organization," Kaduka told News24.

On Sunday, Ndwayana, from Mdantsane in East London, caught film of a white understudy, peeing all around his assets inside his Huis Marais dorm room nearby.

Ndwayana, a first-year Bachelor of Agri-Business Management and Economics understudy, told News24 on Tuesday the understudy was his flat mate's companion, yet the flat mate was absent at the hour of the occurrence.

He additionally blamed Du Toit for being intoxicated during the episode, saying he went into his room through the opened entryway at around 04:00 on Sunday.

As per Ndwayana, while the recording halted, Du Toit told him "it's a white kid thing" which he perceived to imply "this is how they [white boys] dark young men". Du Toit then left the room.

Kaduka told the news the family had been left upset, restless and offended by the whole occurrence.

As indicated by him, Ndwayana's mom was continually stressing over her child's wellbeing nearby.

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