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He REFUSED To Take Off Balaclava During Graduation, Because He Is Afraid Of This. Mzansi In Tears.

Mzansi were taken aback when they saw a young man who had just graduated from high school. Graduation season is in full swing right now, and we've seen plenty of folks enjoying themselves with their friends and loved ones. We just learned of a young man who graduated from high school without wearing any formal attire.

On this day, we come across a young man who attended to the graduation ceremony wearing balaclavas on his face. People don't want to hear about the smart kid because they don't want to know he's smart. In order to keep his identity secret, the man is scared of being able to remove his balaclava. Social media users say that they understand the boy's point of view because this is not the first time he's expressed it.

One of the freshly graduated students from the University of Zululand, in KwaZulu-Natal, refuses to remove his balaclava because he is afraid that he would be charmed by strangers. To hide his face because he is afraid people would bewitch him, according to the source, the young man has done this many times before and it's something he typically does.

People on Twitter have been reacting negatively to the boy. His admirers have been wondering if somebody tried to hypnotize him.

For some time, the people of Mzansi have been wondering if the award he was supposed to receive was given to him without his knowledge. Mzansi couldn't help but get unfavorable impressions about this individual. Mzansi has been debating whether or not it is a catalyst for comedic actors. As long as he has the certificate, we Mzansi accept that someone might try to enchant him.

Balaclavas during graduation are not unusual; there are a lot of nasty people out. Zthembi from Dloz'lami was recently seen aiding a young man who had taken a book from one of his pals. People are eager to learn the answer to this question. Because they don't want other children to surpass them, black folks appear to be pushing witchcraft.

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