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Zim Teachers Are Marking Matric Papers While SA Teachers are sitting at home Unemployed/Opinion


The issue of South Africans being sidelined in jobs is getting serious.Zimbabweans are being considered for jobs than South Africans .They are hired in every industry from restaurants to truck driving to teachers .Its all Zimbabweans, millions of South Africand dont even have jobs .

It is alleged that Zimbabweans teachers are the ones who are marking the matric papers .All of this is happening while South Africans teachers are at home unemployed .Why does the Government allow something like this to happen.

How can Zimbabwean teachers be marking Matric papers .We have qualified more than capable teachers who want to work in SA .Teaching is not a scarce skill in SA that needs to be outsourced from outside the country.

This is why South Africans must fight to make sure Zimbabwean permits are not renewed .They are occupying their jobs while they are sitting at home receiving R350 and its not right.When their grace period of 12 months are over they must go back home at do teaching there .Foreigners are the reason why millions of South African ar suffering and living in poverty.The Government must also make sure the borders are closed so that they don't come back illegally.

Zimbabweans offer cheap labour for longer hours thats why many companies hire them .They must stop this thing of saying South Africans are lazy because they are not considered for jobs .South Africans want those jobs but they make the excuse of saying they are lazy .

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