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Unisa trends as students complain.

The University of South Africa, known colloquially as Unisa, is the largest university system in South Africa by enrollment. It attracts a third of all higher education students in South Africa. University of South Africa is also one of the biggest open distance learning universities in South Africa. It was trending on tweeter because of the adjustments they made during Covid-19 regulations, which students are struggling to cope with. One is that their modules were turned into year modules which means if one had 5 modules per semester, they would now have 10 modules to deal with. Pupils expressed that the work load is too much and their mental health is at risk as they teach themselves everything since its long distance learning.

The second problem was that since contact examinations were abolished, and now they write online exams with a monitor on their screens it has become even more difficult. Students say they are failing dismally and they want venue based exams and that they will obey Covid 19 regulations. The third and worst problem is the unemployment factor. People are saying companies judge their qualifications lightly because of where they studied which makes them unemployed. One person expressed that its impossible to say they are struggling with employment because they studied at UNISA. Since they study in long distance it means they are able to teach themselves work without the help of a lecturer and also that shows that they are capable of adjusting to inconveniences since studying at home can have a lot of negatives based on the family background. So clearly the youth is not finding employment because South Africa does not have employment or they have studied courses that are not high in demand. Share your story on how Covid 19 regulations have affected your studies and if you wish to go back to contact classes and exams. Which one do you think is better between online or contact learning?

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