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Bad News for University of Johannesburg anti Vax students

The university of Johannesburg just announced that it will make vaccines mandatory for students,staff and visitors.

This means that you can no longer get into UJ if you are not vaccinated.

This is bad news to people who don't want to get the vaccines as they will now have to vaccinate even if they don't want to .

Some tweeps took it to the streets of Twitter to voice out their Frustration about the decision the university of Johannesburg took.

Some responses were supporting the decision made by UJ saying that this is a start to recovering the economy as less youth is vaccinated when compared to the old population.

While the angry twerps said that the university's decision will make students to drop out of school.

the government has been trying to get people vaccinated check out the above picture to see some cool prizes 50+ year olds stand a chance to win if they get their shot.

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