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50-Year-old JSS 3 Student Appoints As Prefect In Kwara

50-Year-old JSS 3 Student Appoints As Prefect In Kwara

Mrs. Folashade Ajayi, a 50-year-old widow from Ilorin Grammar School (IGS), is now in Junior Secondary School 3 after finishing the entire session of Junior Secondary School 2.

Mrs. Ajayi Folashade, a Kwara State resident, raised a commotion in February 2021 when she enrolled as a Junior Secondary School 2 student at the Ilorin Grammar School in the state.

Mrs. Ajayi Folashade enrolled at the Government Agency for Mass Literacy where she obtained a certificate in adult education because she enjoyed going to school. She also attended adult school in 2017, while she took her Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination at Government High School, Adeta, Ilorin in 2017, after which she passed the examination and was offered a Primary School Leaving Certificate, before enrolling into the Ilorin Gramma Institution. According to Blaze Newsz, Mrs. Ajayi Folash

Aunty Shade, as she is affectionately known by all of the teachers at the school, is the prefect in charge of special chores for the school.

Mrs. Abdulsalam, her class instructor, in response to our correspondent's question about the old widow's academic performance, informed our correspondent that she was doing an amazing job.

In response to a series of inquiries from our correspondent, two children from the school stated that Aunty Shade has been "pleasant and highly clever in class."

"I want to be educated and get information," Mrs. Ajayi Folashade stated in her own words. As a result, I want to be able to express myself by speaking English fluently like other people, and I am finding the school environment to be welcoming; I am coping."

Despite having completed secondary school, I intend to continue my education at a higher level since I have a strong desire to pursue a formal education. If the opportunity presents itself, I intend to pursue a higher education, but my decision is subject to the will of God."

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