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Bryanston High School had an impressive 2021 Matric pass rate despite some setbacks

Even though Bryanston High School experienced some challenges in 2021 , it was one of the schools that managed to achieve a 100% pass rate .The Acting Principal of the school Jerome Lawrence was invited on eNCA to share his thoughts on his school's achievement . When he was asked to share how they managed to do it , he responded by saying that it was proper planning and the fact that they had a class that was cooperative .He also said that their parents were supportive and understood what was at stake .There has been a state of mental health that affected young learners during the Covid-19 period from 2020 .When he was asked how the school managed to assist the learners to be mentally focused , he said that their school was lucky in that it had some resident school psychologists . The school also employed another psychologist to assist the learners .. As a result , he said that the learners had access to counselling as well as assistance .He said that they were not only assisted mentally , but they got assisted with enhancing their study skills . It was also revealed that the school had conversations with the parents to be part of the process of ensuring that learners got the assistance and support they needed .The minister revealed that they had good communication with the parents and that it was important for them to be part of the journey .Proper planning is important if the schools are going to navigate around the world that is still under the pandemic . It was revealed by the Acting Principal that at the end of the year 2021 , the school had communicated with the parents regarding the plans that were in place to deal with any eventuality of schools' reopening being delayed .


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