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I only used my connections after applying for funding, Natasha justifies how she received R1 mil

I only used my connections after applying for funding, Natasha justifies how she received R1 mil

While you're here, please follow me!

A lot of students are without funding to pursue their studies and even when they do apply, they get rejected and have to keep it moving.

Natasha Thahane accidentally sold herself out to the wolves after she made it slip that she received R1 million to study in New York after Baleka Mbethe spoke to relevant people in parliament and secured her the funds. This happened in her podcast chat to Mac G. She did not have to follow long processes and undergo anxiety of knowing that the decision could stand between her and her acting dreams. She simply got funding because she knows people in power and is from a rich family. Moreover, it makes no sense why money that could have funded needy students was allocated to someone who lives lavishly and could have had Desmond Tutu hustle for her.

She justified the corrupt funding by claiming that she did apply for funding, even with the Barack Obama foundation but did not receive it. Her being rejected by three bursars does not explain how she automatically became eligible to receive special funding from parliament itself while many students are rejected for mere R15K courses.

Taxpayers had the following to say on the matter:

But you said you went to Baleka Mbethe who then went to "relevant people" since you couldn't register and your contract with the Queen wasn't signed 🤔 that money there, you got it because you know people like Baleka Mbethe; not because your application was a success @uGxabhashe

All I see here is you sending 3 emails and getting rejected for funding, Using your connections to get government to send you a nice R1 million. Being privileged works, that’s why we will never hear you speaking out about corruption in this country because you benefit from it @S11E11B11A

You spoke to Baleka and she asked the department of Art and Culture to assist that's privilege right there. Pity it's taxpayers money that was used


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