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Follow this Simple Steps to Apply For Assistant teachers Post


The Department of Education was instrumental in bringing music to the public's ears. The fact that the country is still struggling with a pandemic and that many employment have been destroyed has prompted many individuals to complain that teacher assistant possibilities should not be eliminated. The good news is that the government has taken note of your concerns and is taking the steps you requested. The positions of teaching assistants are once again available. 

However, ever since the Department of Education stated that there are positions available for teachers' assistants and general workers, many people have inquired as to how they might apply for the positions. This time around, you will not be applying by hand. Some users have reported difficulty completing their applications since the link provided is extremely slow to respond. This is most likely due to the high volume of visitors on the website, as everyone is applying. 

Because the public school system wants to shortlist and appoint as many candidates as possible, the application period will be very brief, according to the department of education. It is planned that they will be open from the 27th of September to the 3rd of October in 2021. This means that you only have 5 days to submit your application as of today. 

It is important that you carefully read all of the requirements before proceeding with the application process. The requirements are extremely stringent. See the image below for a complete list of requirements: 

Because of the high volume of candidates that visit the Department of Education's website, you should avoid using it in order to submit your application fast and easily without issues, as it will cause delays.

Use this link:


This link will take you to a page where you must first build your profile, in which you must provide all of your contact and identity information. Everything will be in order after you have created an account, and you will be able to properly submit your application. 

It is important that you double-check all of your information before clicking on the "Register" button, since even a minor error could result in you losing your prize money. 

I'm hoping this will be of use to someone out there. 

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