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More devastation regarding the Zimbabwean learners

Bad news has been reported regarding the Zimbabwean students as it was highlighted that they are being charged as much as US$10 each by teachers for the privates lessons on a weekly basis.

This is reported to have been highlighted by the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe. The private lessons are reported to be in direct contradiction to the government's directives which stipulated that there would be no private lessons which would be allowed to be conducted.

Tumisang Thabela , who is the Secretary in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary education is the one who reportedly made the announcement in March banning the conduction of extra lessons.

In accordance to the Secretary Tumasang, it had been highlighted that any extra lessons that could be conducted had to be for free.

In April , the Minister of Primary and Secondary education Cain Mathema reportedly issued a warning to the educators who conducted private lessons for certain fees.He reportedly warned that action would be taken against such educators.

Takavafira Zhou , who is the President of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe reportedly highlighted that when they conducted a survey , the following was confirmed:

Pupils between grade 1 and 6 are charged between US$1 and US$5 per week.The grade 7 and Secondary school learners are charged up to US$10 per week.

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