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Community outraged after Pupil ends her life after Teachers helped her peers bully her over this

Source: Team News24 on Twitter: "EC education department will investigate after Bhisho High School pupil Lathitha Nako ended her life after she was allegedly bullied by a teacher and peers for having a spiritual gift. She was reportedly called a witch. (@MaliDayimani)" / Twitter

These days, the things that are happening in schools are totally outrageous and unexcpetable. What the teachers are supporting in school these days are what brings most of the dylemas to school premises. Some teachers these days no longer want to see the school premises as safe as they should be and are turning them into dangerous places.

It was revealed yesterday that a student at Bhisho High School in East Cape Province named Lathitha Nako committed suicide after her teacher helped her peers bully her for her spiritual gift. It is said that they allegedly called her a witch as they bullied her.

No matter what, it is not right and it is against the law to allegedly proclaim that someone is a witch. My question is have they seen her using a broom while flying at their homes? Have they seen her naked or with something fishy during the night?

According to the Child guidelines of South Africa, it is said if you get bullied in a school you should tell your teacher, so that he or she could help you deal with the bullies, but this story is other way around, the teacher did not help her stand up to the bullies but helped the bullies in bullying her.

According to Very Well Family, It is encouraged that those teachers who bully children should be confronted by the parents, and if they still go on with it they should continue to the principal and so on with the chain of command. But in this matter, it is worse than we can imagine.

Someone has lost her life before she could get help, and the teacher who helped the bullies must suffer the consequances ansd be charged with a murder case. So that he or she coukld serve as an example to others.

What do you think about this as a reader? What is your take on this matter? Would you say that you agree with me about the cbharges?

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