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WATCH: White Man Assaults Black Pupil In Front Of The Whole School, See This

There are these kinds of incidents that continue to occur, especially in multiracial schools and what happened here probably had something to do with bullying.

There were some questions that have been raised regarding this and there is a necessity to know the whole story when it comes to this.

But it is important to point something out from the onset, no matter what happened prior to the assault, the white man absolutely had no right to even lay his finger on that pupil. It does not matter what he did, there are ways things are done and that was not an option.

Remember, we are talking about a grown man who assaulted this boy in front of other pupils, that was not just embarrassing, but the boy probably got hurt in the process.

As to whether the boy deserved what he got or not, that is for you to decide once we get the full details on what happened.

It is not clear what led to the incident, there were people who mentioned that it could be that the boy was bullying the man's child, hence he was so angry. But then again, the man is an adult, he really should have known better, what he did might have landed him in trouble and that could have been avoided.

People who reacted to this story, mentioned how there is a need to put ourselves in that man's shoes and imagine how he could have been feeling at that moment.

And people also mentioned how disrespectful pupils can be, are we really talking about that? The man was, without a doubt, wrong for what he did, the question now is, have you ever been in this man's situation?

Have you ever been disrespected by a child? As an adult, you feel so small and a lot of times, parents and teachers tolerate this because there is nothing they can really do.

We need to discuss the issue about bullying, racism and the disrespect by pupils, we cannot deny that pupils get away with a lot. It is going to take a lot to find solutions to these problems, everyone has to be willing to play their part.

Again, there is no justifying what the man did, there has to be something that is done about that, maybe a case of assault should be opened against him.

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