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Warning for people in Polokwane especially Students, read the screenshot below

10 August 2022


A lady has shared some sensitive news warning news from Polokwane capricorn college. She actually shared the information after she saw something suspicious happening at the school gate today. She said that there were actually a car at the collage gate busy taking student pictures.

She said that the guys were busy asking for direction to go to the library but the other two were busy taking girls pictures. Well the lady wrote a massage to a well known grop to actually warn students not to walk alone when going to college or in other places.

The lady felt like it's actually a bad thing to take someone pictures without their permission. These girls can actually be a target of kidnapping so it's actually painful to allow these people to take their pictures. The lady didn't report to any lecture because ladies were busy laughing with people inside the car.

The lady is actually warning those who want to be careful to walk in groups. People must not allow themselves to walk alone because it's easy for them to be a target. The police must try to protect the community even harder. The securities at the gate there were not supposed to allow these people to take pictures.This was actually a good massage to warn people so that is something the lady won't feel guilty. The lady did spread the word on Facebook and it's up to students to play safe and not just speak with people inside their cars.

These people actually use prayes that drug a person and make sure they dont screem. That is why you must walk in a group of 5 and if yoy don't have friends try to make one. This was just a warning for students to be safe.

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