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Department Of Education In KZN Is Spiking Hatred Between Unemployed Educators & Teachers Assistant

Teachers are living a hell of a life with qualifications, yet they find it hard to get employment now.

The most unbelievable thing is happening in KwaZulu-Natal where the department of education is giving bigger priority to teacher assistance and neglecting the actual teachers. Thousands of unemployed Qualified teachers are jobless and these reverted to protests in the streets of Pietermaritzburg to make their concerns known. The organize Mlekeleli Radebe told the media that they send their concerns to the department last month but these fell on deaf ears. The teachers' assistance is paid R6500 yet they do not qualify in the field, in a way the department is provoking feud among the communities.

The most fascinating thing now about this assistance is that they allocated classes on which they will teach, and the qualified educators are sitting at home jobless. Radebe and his counterparts want a stop to this. According to the department, a recruiting system was put in place for the capturing of all the teachers looking for employment. But from the look of things, the proposed system is not working. The teachers are unable to upload their information or let alone log on to the web portal. All the teachers need now is for the department to make sure the system works.

The teachers have also asked the department to make sure that level posts are notified in bulletins, to stop the teachers' assistance from availing themselves of positions instead of those who are fully qualified. Dr. Barnye Mthembu who is the acting Head of Department will try and address the concerns raised as soon as possible. The department gave feedback and said that they never expected so many applications when the online system was designed. They resolved the matter and by 12 March it was said the app had been rectified and it was working perfectly.

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