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Prayer: Father, Provide Financial Support For My Academic Pursuits So As To Acquire More Knowledge

"Wisdom is the most important thing; thus, acquire wisdom, and with all thy possessions, acquire understanding." Proverbs 4:7

Read: Daniel 2:46-49 

Wisdom is a vital asset we must gain, according to the Bible (Proverb 4:7). You must first lay the foundation stones for wisdom using knowledge. Your standing in life is determined by what you know. God utilized everything Joseph knew, together with his ability to interpret dreams, to propel him from jail to the throne (Genesis 41:1-44). In other words, information serves as a buffer between you and your final destination.

Can you honestly declare that you have enough knowledge to lead you to your destination? If you answered no, then you should begin learning right away.

Those who have acquired more information than others are given advantage in many corporate organizations. As a result, people with higher degrees have a tendency to be chosen for higher positions in these firms. So don't just sit on your information; get out and get more! Enroll in higher education and relevant online or offline training programs ahead of time to set yourself up for a more successful job.

What you know can help you advance and get you in front of kings.

Furthermore, what you know has the power to save your life. It's no surprise that the Lord declared in Hosea 4:6a, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:"

The information Daniel and his companions received from God was important in saving them and the rest of Babylon's smart men from death. To put it another way, you can die from something you don't know. Ignorance is not only an illness, but also a killer — one that kills more people than some diseases. Ignorance is a powerful destructor! A lack of understanding might lead to a lot of unnecessary spending.

If a person does not understand the necessity of excellent cleanliness, for example, he or she will become ill frequently and waste money on treatments that could have been avoided. Do you realize that the devil takes advantage of many people because they are unaware of their rights and advantages in God's kingdom? They are unaware that they have been healed by Jesus' stripes, and hence they continue to be sick. If you do not understand that Jesus has paid the price for you to be wealthy, you will remain poor and may even rejoice in it, as some people do today.

What exactly do you know? If you are under 60 years old and do not have a degree, you should consider getting one.

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