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Shameful| Grade 7 Learner Mixes These Two Things To Get A High

Shameful| Grade 7 Learns Mix These Two Things To Get High And Drunk. 

Admist the fight against the pandemic and illegal foreigners who trade drugs and do crime in the country, there is another issue that we have to tacked. 

The MEC, Faith Mazubuko took to social media to share some disturbing news she came across while visiting a primary school in Evaton. The MEC stated that when they arrived to the school, the teachers there showed them a mixture that was found on a grade 7 learner which they use to get a high. 

@FaithMazubuko "When we arrived at Kitso Primary school in Evaton this morning, to adress school safety issues, teachers showed us a mixture of allergex they found on a grade 7 learner.

Our kids drink this mixture to get a high.

It is very dangerous, please guard against kids using it". 

It seems that these learners have been using a mixture of a soft drink and allegex in a bottle. This mixture gives them a high which the MEC has warned that it is very dangerous. 

According to some tweeps, these kids see these things on TV from international artists and media and practice these things. This somehow opens the doors for the kids to start substance abuse. These children should get educated about this so that they know what they are doing. 


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