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After she did this at SkeemSaam, Principal Thobakgale was formally removed as a principal

We have confirmed that Principal Thobakgale has been removed from his position as Principal of Turf High School in #SkeemSaam. SkeemSaam followers are starting to wonder if she is also fabricating her existence on the show. In recent days, news of Principal Thobakgale's departure has dominated headlines. 

Mzansi has been sending their condolences to former Turf High principal Thobakgale after she was spotted crying after Mr. Disando replaced her. Viewers and lovers of SkeemSaam have largely agreed that the show's creators made the right call. They're complaining that she's not stepping down to make way for a new principal at the school. When she handed Mr. Disando her resignation letter, he declined, which led some viewers and supporters to believe he was being unfair.

However, Alfred Magongwa does not feel sorry for her since he covets her job. No one seems to remember how she made Leshole feel when he told her he wanted to be a pilot in high school; only Magongwa and Manaka stood up for him. Several faculty members and students have complained that Principal Thobakgale is a bully. 

It looks like Principal Thobakgale's ream life is coming to an end. Recognizable as Principal Thobakgale, Elizabeth Serunye has decided to leave SkeemSaam permanently. It has been decided that Alfred Magongwa will take over as Turf High's next principal. 

If you're a SkeemSaam fan, do you believe Alfred Magongwa has what it takes to get a perfect score? Can we assume that life in the town would calm down after he assumes the role of principal? We should discuss who the best principal feet would be for Turf High School. 

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