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WATCH | Grade 5 boys get disciplined for perpetuating GBV.

A very disturbing video has been shared on the internet today. A group of grades 4 to 5 learners formed a gang at school and they beat up girls. In this particular audio, they are being asked regarding the name of the gang and they call themselves "f*ck them all". These are young boys, in fact children between the ages ten to twelve (12) . They are basically not even on their teenage years yet, but are already associating themselves with gangsterism.

The adult gentleman is questioning their acts and asking them as to where they may have saw a man beating a woman or girl. It is believed as a form of reinforcement and way of bringing these bad acts to extinction, they are being reprimanded by these men who are dressed like soldiers or law enforcers.

These children are already bullies around their school in these tender ages.

You can watch the videos here :

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