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South Africans left heartbroken after seeing these Zimbabwean kids in school

The Zimbabwean economy continues to decline to the extent that no new schools or hospitals are being built. Some children still walk long distances to get to school.

 Recently, a particular picture emerged of a particular school in Zimbabwe where children were sitting on stones because they had no chairs or tables for use in class. The second picture has the outside of the school showing houses with poor grass grazing on them. there looked like take even that they would fall at any time and if it rained it would be a disaster.

 No child deserves to learn in such an environment, and people blame the country's leaders for that. There is a lot of corruption in the country and now the funds they were supposed to be for the benefit of the people have put away n private pockets.

 People are even afraid of their government, which is why the situation has gone from bad to worse.

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