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She lost her mother at the age of five, became a brick layer to pay for her studies now graduated


Being a young person without a proper family support forces one to take extra measures nobody would take when living with a family. A young lady named Sharon lost her mother at the age of five years. While growing up she had to take action to make her dreams a reality.

From the information provided by the source she ended up becoming a brick layer. I'm order to make ends meet, managed to take herself to school with the little she earned from the work she did for a living. Sharon Mbabazi after all the struggles she managed to graduate.

Lady proved to many that no situation is permanent. It takes time to achieve big even though I o some people life use them as an example to many. No matter what kind of lemons this life gives to you, never give up on your dreams. It takes big dreamers to make yo stay strong no matter the circumstances.Don't forget to like share and follow for more content. Information provided above was shared via a Facebook page Facts Zambia2

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